Our Services

CAIC will be the right partner for you and bring you clients.

CAIC advantage:

  1. We offer project landing, localization service. We have absolute advantage in time optimization, quality control, customer response.
  2. Our partners collaborate with more than 100 aviation companies: Ministry of Transport,State Grid of China, various flying schools, Police flying brigade, Chinese Academy of Sciences; airlines: Air China, Hainan Airline, China Southern Airline. CAIC can quickly match up customers’ needs.
  3. First, we develop relevant plans based on service products, then we offer a complete and fast localization service, including CAAC certification.

CAIC provides wide range of services to our valued customers from around the world. Based on experience and the latest aerospace related information, our consulting services enable commercial and general aviation companies and government agencies meet their existing and future planning.

We are providing global expertise in:

Technical Advisory
Operational Concept
Asset Management
Airline Advisory Services
Design and Capital Delivery
Operations and Maintenance
Airport Planning and Development Strategies
Project and Program Management

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